Among the Night People

Clara Dillingham Pierson

Description: Stories of animals of the night for young children, relating the activities of raccoons, skunks, moths, foxes, fireflies, and weasels. Since we can't understand animal language, the author depicts the animals talking to each other in English, but she does it so skillfully that you can imagine that they are using their own ways of communicating through voice and gesture.

Additional information:

Ages:  5-7
Length:  149 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2005
ISBN:  978-1-59915-020-8
Genres:  Natural History, Animal Stories

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Table of Contents

1. The Black Spanish Chickens
2. The Wigglers Become Mosquitoes 
3. The Naughty Raccoon Children 
4. The Timid Little Ground Hog 
5. The Young Raccoons Go to a Party 
6. The Skunks and the Oven-Bird's Nest 
7. The Lazy Cut-Worms 
8. The Night-Moth's Party 

9. The Lonely Old Bachelor Muskrat
10. The Greedy Red Fox 
11. The Unfortunate Fireflies 
12. The Kittens Come to the Forest 
13. The Inquisitive Weasels 
14. The Thrifty Deer-Mouse 
15. The Humming-Bird and the Hawk-Moth

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