Africa, Australia, and the Islands of the Pacific

by Nellie B. Allen

Description: Take a guided tour of the various countries on the continent of Africa, then proceed to Madagascar, Australia, and New Zealand before concluding your journey with visits to principal island groups in the Pacific. Along the way author Nellie B. Allen will introduce you to how geographical features influence the way of life of the residents in significant ways, from clothing and housing to food and occupational pursuits. You will learn how topographical features and proximity to bodies of water affect the climate, which in turn determines what foodstuffs naturally grow in a region and what crops may thrive there if planted. This comprehensive tour will lead you to a greater appreciation for the peoples you encounter along the way, their various ways of living, and the agricultural and industrial pursuits they engage in. Questions throughout the text and suggested activities at the end of each chapter encourage you to consider the material more thoughtfully.

Additional information:

Ages:  10-12
Length:  498 pages
Format:  Paperback
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2022
ISBN:  978-1-63334-160-9
Genres:  Geography

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Life in Ancient Egypt

3. Life in Modern Egypt

4. British Possessions in Africa

5. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

6. British East Africa

7. Zanzibar and its Clove Plantations

8. The British in South Africa

9. The Union of South Africa

10. Southwest Africa, Bechuanaland, and Rhodesia

11. British Colonies in West Africa

12. Other West Coast Colonies and St. Helena

13. French Possessions in Africa

14. French Equatorial Africa

15. The French in West Africa

16. Across the Desert from Timbuktu to Fez

17. In the Land of the Moors

18. In Algeria, the Most Important Colony of France

19. Tunis, the Most Northerly Country of Africa

20. The Island of Madagascar

21. A Hot Journey through Belgian Congo

22. Italian Africa and a Trip through Libya

23. Eritrea and the Somali Coast

24. Angola, the Largest Colony of Portugal

25. On the Plantations of Mozambique

26. Island Possessions of Portugal

27. Spanish Possessions in Africa

28. The Abyssinian Plateau

29. The Republic of Liberia

30. The Great Land of Australia

31. A Trip through the Island Continent

32. In Geyser Land

33. Among the Pacific Islands

34. United States Possessions in the Pacific

35. British Possessions in the Pacific

36. French Possessions in the Pacific

37. The Dutch East Indies

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