(color edition)

by Marjorie and C. H. B. Quennell

Description: A captivating picture of the medieval period in British history beginning with the arrival of the Normans led by William the Conqueror and continuing through the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries by focusing on the objects of everyday life, all of which in this period were crafted by hand. Through engaging text and striking illustrations we become familiar with all the objects of everyday life: the clothes they wore, the agricultural crops they grew, the food they ate and its manner of preparation, as well as the structures they lived in, and the pastimes they enjoyed. We witness the development of castles, houses, and monasteries, and come to understand the influence of the crusades and impact of the plague. A fine book to round out the picture given by history books that focus primarily on political events and the people involved. For each century a timeline is provided listing famous men, great events, and principal buildings that helps the reader connect the things of a century with the people and events of that era. A book that is enjoyed as much by youth as it is by adults. Includes 4 illustrations in color and dozens in black and white.

Additional information:

Ages:  13-18
Length:  248 pages
Format:  Paperback
Illustrations:  Color and Black and white
Year published:  2024
ISBN:  978-1-63334-238-5
Genres:  History, British History

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Table of Contents

          CHAPTER I  XII th Century
Chart—Conditions before the Conquest—Character of the Romans—Costume of the period—The Norman Ship—Conditions after the Conquest—The Art of Fortification—Building in Normandy—The Norman Castle: The Great Hall—Constructional Problems—Furniture—Manors—Towns—The Feudal System—Earlier Conditions—Conditions leading to Monasticism—Monastaries—Monastic Buildings—Constitution of the Convent—Life in the Monastery—Election of an Abbot—Monastic Orders—Vaulting—Domesday Survey—Land
Holding—Country Life—Food—Travel—Fairs—Hunting—Laws and Customs—Games—Ornament.

          CHAPTER II  XIII th Century
Chart—General Conditions—Costume of the Period—Monastic Orders—Pilgrims—Knight Templars—Ships—Castles—Methods of Defence—Halls—Furniture—Construction of the Roof—Manor-House—Solar Decoration—
Mediæval Engines of Warfare—Sieges—Vaulting— Construction—Agriculture—Gardens—Travel— Water-Mill—Amusements—Games—Combats—

          CHAPTER III  XIV th Century
Chart—General Conditions—Costume of the Period—Ships—Sea Fights—Castles—Methods of Defence—Interior—House—Hall—Meals—Manners—Customs—Minstrels—Kitchens—Cooking—Food—Vaulting—Agriculture—The
Black Death—Labourers—Mills—Travels—Games—Ornament.

          CHAPTER IV  XV th Century

Chart—General Conditions—Costume—Ships—Merchant Adventurers—Houses—Solar—Weaving—The Winter Parlour—Bedchambers—Halls—Carthusians and their Monastaries—The Cloister Library—Fan Vaulting—Chained Library—Mills—Master of Game—Hunting—Jousts—Games—Ornament.

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