A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book One

by Ada Skinner

Description: First volume of A Child's Own Book of Verse, a three-volume set planned for use during the four primary years. This unusually fine collection of poetry was selected with the child's interests in mind. Includes sound rhymes and jingles to appeal to the ear, descriptive poems to create images in the mind's eye, lullabies and lyrics to warm the heart, and story-telling poems to stir the imagination. Attractively illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham.

Additional information:

Ages:  5-8
Length:  100 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations: Black and white
Year published:  2006
ISBN:  978-1-59915-051-2
Genres:  Poetry

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Table of Contents

1. Little Wind
2. White Sheep 
3. Time to Rise 
4. Pussy-Cat Mew 
5. Seven Little Chicks 
6. Once I Saw a Little Bird 
7. Bow-Wow-Wow 
8. The North Wind Doth Blow 
9. Some Little Mice 
10. Bobby Shafto 
11. The Rabbits 
12. Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee 
13. Little Cock-Sparrow 
14. There Was a Little Robin 
15. Blow, Wind, Blow 
16. Daffy-Down-Dilly 
17. The Rain 
18. Rosy Posy 
19. A Bonny Boat 
20. Lock the Dairy Door 
21. The Clucking Hen 
22. Little Brown Bobby 
23. Whisky Frisky 
24. Jack Frost 
25. Sing, Little Bird 
26. Who Has Seen the Wind? 
27. Three Little Maidens 
28. Bimble, Bamble, Bumble 
29. Precocious Piggy 
30. My Maid Mary 
31. London Bridge 
32. A Farmer Went Riding 
33. A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go 
34. The Light-Hearted Fairy 
35. Singing 
36. The Man in the Moon 
37. All Busy 
38. Nursery Song 
39. A Good Boy 
40. Buttercup 
41. Moon, So Round and Yellow 
42. A Verse 
43. Somewhere Town 
44. Cradle Song 
45. God's Care 
46. Winter Night 
47. Shoe or Stocking 
48. When the Sleepy Man Comes 
49. The Ship 
50. Will You Be My Little Wife 
51. Bunches of Grapes 
52. Song 
53. The Coming of Spring 

54. The Robin
55. The Swing 
56. What Can I Give Him? 
57. Rockaby, Lullaby 
58. Baby Seed Song 
59. A Pretty Game 
60. I Would Like You for a Comrade 
61. Sir Robin 
62. The Little Maiden and the Little Bird 
63. I Saw a Ship 
64. Wee Willie Winkie 
65. Windy Nights 
66. My Robin 
67. To the Sun Door 
68. April 
69. The Bow That Bridges Heaven 
70. Goldenrod 
71. The Peddler's Caravan 
72. Swallow, Swallow 
73. Seven Times One 
74. Our Flag 
75. The Dustman 
76. Peterkin Pout and Gregory Grout 
77. How To Get a Breakfast 
78. Three Little Owlets 
79. Over in the Meadow 
80. Elf and Dormouse 
81. Old Dame Cricket 
82. The Little Elf-Man 
83. Little Jack Frost 
84. How the Little Kite Learned To Fly 
85. The Rainbow Fairies 
86. The Quarrelsome Kittens 
87. Who Likes the Rain? 
88. The Lost Doll 
89. Cherries 
90. Grasshopper Green 
91. I Love You, Mother 
92. Minnie and Mattie 
93. Dame Duck's First Lecture on Education 
94. Mr. Nobody 
95. An Old Rat's Tale 
96. Who Stole the Bird's Nest 
97. The Snow Bird 
98. Thanksgiving Day 
99. The Robber Kitten 
100. Santa Claus 
101. The New Year 
102. The Bluebird 
103. Spring's Waking 
104. One, Two, Three 
105. The Rock-a-By Lady

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